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    Cricket is a funny game, especially when it comes to T20 cricket. The rush of blood can take you from playing sensibly to making the most ridiculous of mistakes leading to massive losses. Here are the top 5 reasons of  Westindies performing this way.

    1: Firstly, comes its lack of leadership. They seam disperse on the field as if there is no true seriousness behind their willingness to do well. Professionalism is the key to succeed at international level.

    2: Secondly, they lack confidence. They never seem to be fully in control of the situation, They seem extremely shattered and confused like Bangladesh used to behave. This seems to be blocking their thought process on the field.

    3: Thirdly, Teamwork is another key element that can lift their cricket if they join together and stand up to face an opposing team as one unit, but apart from individual heroics, they fail to achieve big.

    4: Fourthly, They experiment a lot. They are inconsistent and play poorly. Trying new talent is a great initiative but too much experimentation can lead to such catastrophic failures.

    5: Lastly, they lack true match winner that has the strength to take on any opposing team and fight.

    The golden age of Windies cricket comprised of legends like Micheal Holding, Viv Richards, Gary Sobers, Malcolm Marshall and many and now all we see is the true match winners running after league cricket and franchises with big pockets.
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